The house and the tea factory

Pico do Refúgio has recently been renovated between October 2005 and August 2008. The project consisted on the remodulation of the farm infra-structure including the old tea factory. Now contain apartments for lodging, a scuba diving school and public spaces.
The renovation was performed preserving the exterior outline and original function of each building.

In this process were built the Country Houses of Pico do Refúgio, 8 houses ranging in between 55 and 110 m² spread around two different areas of the farm. These are either “Lofts” or “Apartments.

On the old tea factory “Ataíde”, you can find the Lounge as well as 3 Lofts and 3 Apartments. About 800 meters away, on the top of the hill (pico), near the main mansion, there are another 2 Lofts.
The Lofts are larger, with a high ceiling and can take up 2 extra beds. The Apartments are smaller houses that can take only 1 extra bed. All our houses have bathroom, kitchen and cable TV.
One of the Lofts is adapted for guests with locomotion disabilities.

The Lounge is fitted with TV, telephone, fax, photocopy, wireless internet and a meeting room with video projector.
In every houses there is pieces of art from various artists.

- throughout the farm we have several domestic animals, including dogs, cats, chickens and cows;
- pets are not allowed.