Art Residency • Gustaco Ciríaco



“Gentleness of a giant” is a choreographic spacial experiencie of a duo and a table, an empty surface where ephemeral landscapes are built.

The project is a co-production between Walk & Talk festival, ZDB and Temps d’Images festival, in partnership with Pico do Refúgio and support from Arquipélago – Contemporary Arts Center.

Gustavo Ciríaco is a Brazilian artist from Rio de Janeiro, working internationally in Europe, Latin America, Middle East and more recently in the Far East. His education started with Political Sciences and Anthropology, before being more and more attracted to dance, stage craft and the visual arts. As an artist, he has been working transversally between performing and visual arts, visiting other fields, other voices. He has been using choreography, theatre, video, story telling and urban actions in conversational pieces where the dimensions of the meeting are the inspirations for shared fictions and situations. Many a time, this is done through focusing on people and their contexts, in search for ways of manipulating the daily life sublimes, gathering potentials, tools and insights in how to deal with time and space. He has been using different formats, delving into exhibition and presentation structures in conversational pieces. There are many tiny things, iridescent sensations, feelings that set us adrift and move, things that rearrange our eyes and memories, our very presence in the biographies we bear. He does enjoy what is material in things, the flavour of each situation, its poetry in derivation.